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Sep 6 2016

How To Give Your Child The Pre-Education He/She Deserves?

Money is not everything: your child must be taught the value of a good education experience. For this to take place, he/she must enjoy and experience a fruitful early education. Now, there are plenty of places which charge a fortune and end up teaching your kid to recite the odd poem here and play a few notes on the organ. However, this can hardly be called a fruitful learning experience. Which is why it must be reiterated that most high end places are total rip-offs and you might even arrive at the conclusion that your child would have been better off staying at home with the nanny: it is your duty and responsibility as parents to be patient, do a bit of research, and settle on a place that is unlikely to be either a financial burden to you or a strenuous/exhausting experience for your little angel. You must take care as not induce extreme competitive attitudes in your child by making an unnecessary fuss about the whole process, for it will affect your child in so many ways including, psychologically.


It is the nicest option

The best nursery is one where material education (mathematics, science, etc) will be balanced well against aesthetics (music and poetry) and the divine teachings (religion, if preferred). What should be expected is a humane human being full of wonder, curiosity, thirst for knowledge and experimentation, while being sensitive to human condition and receptive to love and kindness. A small step taken in the right direction can make the difference between a bully and a practical and sensitive human being. Therefore the staff of the particular institution too has a significant responsibility, it is understood. They must take their roles seriously: what is invested in the kid at that stage will bear fruit in the near future and mould the child into the man or woman he will become: to make or mar?

It is essential the children are content

What should not be contested is the fact that the child needs the sufficient resources in order to grow and learn: one cannot expect anyone to perform ones best when one is malnourished, underfunded and discontent. In that case, don’t hesitate to provide your child with a good, safe, and hopeful learning environment. Start looking for a happy kids nursery Dubai.

Children are the life blood of our future. Our actions will have a decisive effect in the way they will grow up and assume control of the world. It is important therefore, that they are fed and watered with ample knowledge, so that their skills have the ability to grow and soar. It is highly important that the kids are content as much as possible, in many occasions as possible: this is not to say that the child should be overfed, over indulged and spoiled, far from it.

Written by Donald Adamson