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Oct 14 2016

The importance of using oak barrels

Wine is the one of the most preferred beverage by many people as it is the finest beverage which is energizing the drinkers. The delicious wine attracts many people and that is why it is used in houses and bars. You can’t find other type of beverages such as brandy, whisky, rum and scotch in all the houses but you can find wine in most of the houses in the winter season and in the house in cold areas. This is the one of the best beverage for maintaining the body temperature to with stand cold season. There are many health benefits in wine as red wine is used for weight loss and to burn fat. The preparation of wine matters a lot about the delicious taste and the unique aroma. Wine is an extract from grape but after the extraction certain ingredients are added to bring it to a fine taste. Fermentation is the one of the main process that makes a delicious wine beverage.

After fermentation process the one of the most important process is ageing. The reason that ageing is given much importance is that it adds the flavour and texture to the wine. The barrels used for ageing matters a lot in the taste, flavour and the texture of the wine. There are different kinds of barrels such as wooden barrel and steel barrel and in the wooden barrels the timber and oak type of barrels are used. More than the timber barrel, oak barrels are famous for the taste and flavour of the wine. The important factor is that the wine poured in the oak barrel takes the characteristics of oak and gets the pattern. The quality of the taste and the flavour of the wine differs from the type of barrel the wine is stored for ageing.


Written by Donald Adamson